The Martin Family +1

One of my favorite little families grew one baby bigger this spring!  Jack Barrett Joined the family in March and is obviously much loved.  It’s so fun to look back at these photos from when big brother, Brody, was Jack’s size.  Since we had a little extra time and got such cute pictures of Brody and his mom last summer, I spent a little bit of time with he and his dad before I left.  These two were really able to unleash in their natural habitat and we got some really fun shots. In home family sessions like this are quickly becoming my favorites.  I love how natural and relaxed they are, and the photos capture a real moment in time.  Thanks for welcoming me back, Martins! 


I cannot brag enough about this girl.  She is smart, athletic, has the biggest, kindest heart…oh, and she’s also drop dead gorgeous.  Maddie was all freckles and braces when I first photographed her a few years ago, and now senior pictures?!  Can you imagine? I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have video of us (mostly me) slipping around in the mud on the way down to the water.  Way to save those white pants…and your photographer, Mads!  Love ya!


Ananda is a talented photographer and all around rad human, so when she wanted to schedule a family session with ME when her oldest made it back home for a little holiday visit, I was hugely flattered.  The crew was a dream in front of my camera and the love Mike & Ananda share is apparent…I was so excited to capture that for them.  The photos turned out gorgeous and I adore the custom canvas collection that we cooked up for the family’s living room wall!


Victoria’s mom and I were co-workers years ago, so have known this little beauty since she was still losing teeth.  It hardly seems reasonable that she started college at Sam Houston State this fall, but here we are!  Victoria is such a sweet, genuinely kind soul…not at all afraid to be herself.   I loved spending the afternoon with her & catching up with her mom.  Thanks for hanging out with me Kim & Victoria, enjoy this exciting new adventure!


Brody is Two!

Brody has been in front of my camera since he was a newborn!  It’s been fun to see him change and grow.  At two years old, this little critter has tons of personality.  His mom, Megan, and I talked about some quick posed pictures at the park to commemorate his second birthday.  Once we got there, we realized that we forgot to run that by Brody…and he had other plans!  Luckily, after showing Megan the pictures that we got instead, we think he had the right idea.  I love the sweet moments that we caught!brody

Maddie & Bentley

Whenever I need a cute teenager to play model, Maddie is always there for me.  This time, she brought a whole new level of adorable with her new puppy, Bentley.  Big thank you to this sweetheart for wrestling a puppy in the Texas heat while wearing 2 inch wedges for me…you are the best, Mads!

Wild Spirit Yoga – Tomball, TX

I’m excited to share a few of my favorite shots from a fun session I had last week!  Yoga teacher, Jennifer Carmack, and her fellow yogis have created such a inspiring space at Wild Spirit Yoga.  I really loved spending time photographing this awesome little class, focusing on Self Love.  Jennifer encouraged her students to pay attention to their inner dialogue to bring confidence to their practice, allowing their souls to really shine.  There is definitely no denying the strength and beauty in these sweet souls.  Thank you for sharing your practice with me, Wild Spirits.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


Nicole & Patrick

After meeting and falling in love with Patrick, Nicole packed up her whole life and moved across the country to be with him in South Dakota…on the condition that they come back to Texas for the wedding.  I felt lucky to be a part of the day and to get a front row seat to watch a friend of mine enter a whole new chapter of her life.  Many congratulations to you both!  May your future together be as beautiful as your wedding day.  

Custom Photo Books

Choose your favorite photos from your online gallery and even provide a few quotes and facts, like Brody’s mom did, and our personalized photo books make a great keepsake or gift.  These hardcover albums with photo quality pages are such a great way to display your images, I have a shelf full of my own.  I loved getting a peek through Brody’s book of photos, chronicling a day in the life of a one year old.  I had to take a few shots to share on the blog before I passed it on to his mom & dad!brodybookweb